ionicBrackets adds support for Ionic framework code hinting to Brackets.


Try It, it’s simple.

Just open the extension manager inside of Brackets and copy the extension link ( into the extension url field and hit install.

Or you manually extract the zip file into your Brackets’ extension folder.

Q: What does this extension do?

A: Currently, it gives you code hinting for most of the Ionic framework attributes and directives.

Version History

0.4.0 | 2015-07-11 | Added support for Ionic Analytics

0.3.1 | 2015-06-01 | Improved Angular hinting

0.3.0 | 2015-02-23 | Added support for AngularJS directives

0.2.0 | 2015-01-26 | Added two attributes for ion-content

0.1.0 | 2015-01-18 | Initial public release


Extension source is on Github.


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